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Feng Shui Master & Consultant, Personal Development Trainer, Psychic & Author


Roseline will be temporarily unavailable via email and her social media pages for the remainder of 2018 but will be back online in 2019!
Those needing to contact her should please use the telephone number shown on the CONTACT page. Thank you!

Feng Shui What People Say...

"I have 'dabbled' with Feng Shui, and traditional Chinese philosophies and when I read your blog post on the fact that we reside on Aboriginal land, it was like a penny dropping as we need to apply methods that suit our own cultures" - N.G. (Australia)

"We truly can't thank you enough for the amazing transformations our life has since your home visit. We have been wowed. I can't wait to do a course so I can help some people too." - T.C. (Australia)

"I have hired Roseline for Feng Shui consultations, every time I have renovated a house and when I have decided to put the house on the market. Each time we have almost doubled the value of the property (tripled in one case) and every single time, we have sold the house very quickly even when the market was very slow. Roseline knows about how to create the WOW factor. She is exceptionally intuitive." - F.M. (Australia)
Service Category: Feng Shui
Year first hired: 2004 (hired more than once)
Top Qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

"Many thanks for your gentle and heart warming words. I intuitively knew that attending your lectures would be just what 'the doctor ordered'" - A.V. (Belgium)

"After a 5 day Feng Shui Practitioners Course - "I love, love, the house as it is now, and look forward to further refining this Feng Shui process. I can't wait to have people for dinner as the living room is so inviting, and my cookbooks are all easy to find. I have already sat in my library browsing through my titles. I learnt so much from you. It was a thoroughly enjoyable experience having you stay. I really like you as a person. Please stay again if you need to stay in my area. I would like to stay in touch." - L.M. (Australia)

"Roseline, Wow, what a wonderful day we had together doing my Feng Shui Make-Over. My whole world has been turned around, for the better!!! I appreciated you being so down to earth and great to relate to". - ND.T. (Australia)

"I am nearly done setting up the office upstairs. Life has been very good and there is such a difference in our relationship with my husband. It's remarkable". - C.B. (Australia)

"Since you told me about what you saw around my apartment I have really opened my eyes. I understand more of your Feng Shui concept and see a whole lot around that needs to be cleaned, removed, tossed, filed, etc. It's a lot of work since it's accumulated over the years of not being focused. As you said, live it now. Enough of the reading and thinking; just live it since I already have the knowledge". - S.C. (USA)

Roseline Deleu through her wealth of training experience offers a wide range of services, lectures and courses in the fields of Feng Shui Consultation, Feng Shui Training, Personal Development and Psychic/Spiritual Counselling & Reading.

Feng Shui, an ancient system of placement where energy impacts and has applications in numerous areas of modern life.

Feng Shui Consultation

Business, Home Consultations and Home Make-Overs

Make your home or business environment feel comfortable, welcoming and efficiently laid out, using the principles of Feng Shui and Roseline's great experience in practical home make-overs, design and layout.

Interior Decoration

Included as an integral part of Roseline's Business and Home Feng Shui Consultations and Home Make-Overs, Roseline will guide you in the best choice of colour schemes, design cues, styles and features to benefit from Feng Shui principles with your new interior decoration for home and office.

Home Design

The layout of our homes is crucial in determining our best interaction with our life- and work-flows. Arriving at a practical, efficient, comfortable and a home design matched to your personality and needs is vital in terms of Feng Shui and in general. Each home design is created between Roseline and her clients and is in synergy with the energies of your block of land and its environment.

Furniture Placement

In addition to achieving an optimally well ordered home, you will also benefit from creating the right mood and energy in each room; energy to encourage relaxation, study, work, sleep, luck, wealth, love, health, etc.

House Renovations

If you are renovating a home, this is your ideal opportunity to reorganise the house to be a true home. Many people call Roseline Deleu in before they renovate or extend their homes to incorporate the rules and common sense of Feng Shui combined with tasteful decor, finishes and textures for a better feel and look to their home.

Dowsing, Divining, Geopathic Stress

Through the conducting of a Feng Shui consultation, a geopathic stress survey is included. Roseline will show you where the critical energy points are in your home, how to avoid them, what to do to remedy any problems and how important it is to maintain good health in your environment.

Sacred Site Identification

We can be living on or near one of these spots without noticing it. Roseline's researches have shown that some energy vortices can be beneficial or disturbing to some.

Feng Shui Training & Courses

Become a Practitioner
"It was lovely to meet you for the course. I found it very thought provoking and gave me lots of material to think about. I really appreciated your personal warmth and genuine interest in each of the participants and your aim to help them make a difference in their lives. It is a wonderful gesture on your part to follow through with so much help. Thank you again. It was a pleasure to meet you". D.S. (Australia)

Feng Shui Practitioner - Certificate Course

A 5 day Course when you are ready to embrace Feng Shui. This course is firstly for you, to add onto your existing practise (architects, real estate agents, healers, new age, therapists etc.) and/or to start your Consulting business. This course is ideal for beginners or those who have already studied Feng Shui through evening classes or books. The training is filled with lots of hands-on exercises and gives you the opportunity to seriously practise the art of Feng Shui and start consulting!

Feng Shui Consultant - Certificate Course

This Feng Shui Consultant course with Roseline Deleu is tailored to the participants' more specific needs and oriented to the areas that they are willing to develop (Business consultations, House make-overs, Renovations, Landscape design, etc.). The training is conducted twice a year for those who are ready to take this next exciting step.

Feng Shui Senior Consultant - Certificate Course

An in-depth analysis of plan designs, looking at taking a block of land from scratch to its full Feng Shui potential through to starting to teach Feng Shui in your local Adult Community Education. These are only a few points that will be covered in the Senior Consultant course. A minimum of consultations and Feng Shui involvement are requested to access this level.

Feng Shui Master - Certificate Course

A course to bring out your Feng Shui Master, to be tailored in consultation with your Master Roseline Deleu, when time is right.

What and where is Roseline up to?

You can find plenty of information on different pages of this website. Use the menu at upper left and discover more of the Feng Shui I bring to your door.

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