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Due to Roseline Deleu's successful European FENG SHUI Tours in 2009 & 2010 and many of her regular worldwide travels today, Roseline is now looking to delegate the Feng Shui conference in Australia (to the right people).

Please contact her HERE to express your interest.

Australia's 7th FENG SHUI Conference Day - 2008, the year of NEW BEGINNINGS

Sally Turner, Director of Life Energy Water
Roseline Deleu listening to Sally Turner, Director of Life Energy Water
Jason McDonald, Psychic Medium
Jason McDonald & Roseline Deleu, two speakers always ready for fun and mischief
Roseline Deleu, Feng Shui Master
Roseline Deleu offering one of the lucky door prize to the audience (speakers in the background: Wini Beanland, Susan O'Sullivan and Alanna Moore)

Roseline, thank you for organising the 7th annual Feng Shui Conference; returning home refreshed.

Very glad Alexis's formal dream came to be-a lovely story to share. It was also great to meet Susan in person (I can see how it is that you have come together)-and amazed to see Jason at work with his gift in action. All of your guest speakers were wonderful and I loved the way each topic tied in with the overall theme for the day. I did speak with Susan about the beetles and was delighted with her explanation of their meaning; resonated with me on the day.

Very best wishes always, you are doing wonderful work.

- Donna E.

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