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Feng Shui Tips

On this page you will find many links and articles posted on my Feng Shui Steps BLOG. A variety of topics from Fertility, Love to Luck & Health. My suggestions are written to inspire you and get you started.

First Tip

Definitely the 1st tip I always recommend is to start with your Front Door - indeed, your entry is where Chi enters, a nice and welcome entry encourages good Chi to flow inside your home. The entrance of your premises corresponds to your smile.

To read more tips choose from the various folders on my BLOG .... [more]

Feng Shui Bedroom

Your master bedroom is your Love sanctuary. Its décor is what you see last before you start a good night sleep and is what you see first for a great day. What are you displaying in that room?

What you see is what you project. A tasteful sensual picture of your couple on display in your bedroom can be an interesting sensual enhancer. Your bedroom is kept private: it is your love sanctuary where you and your partner mainly resource as a couple. Be mum and dad all around the home except in your master bedroom, best to keep children and visitors away... [more]

Feng Shui Home

I combine the Feng Shui Black Hat School & the Form School. I help you designing homes that are suitable for you as well as for future potential buyers. Homes need to be pleasing to many to be saleable on the real estate market. Adding curves and avoiding sharp angels are essential.

Each home design is unique and is tailored to your block of land in synergy with the energy of the Place... [more]

Feng Shui Mirrors

Mirrors are often consider like the Feng Shui 'aspirin'. They are unfortunately often placed in the wrong spots. Always look what your mirror is reflecting, it can double a space, increase clutter (and you don't want this) or create a missing area...[more]

Feng Shui Numbers

Good numbers, bad numbers? All depends of your culture. For Chinese the number '4' is unlucky because its writing also corresponds to the word 'death'. Why would 'death' be bad. it allows you new beginnings! In the Magic Square the sector '4' corresponds to Abundance and Wealth.

Always look at the bright side of Feng Shui! ...[more]

Feng Shui Office

What is the power position? It is when you are sitting with a full wall behind your back (support) and at the same time have the view to the entering Chi. Where is the best desk position?

Discover the Magic Square in your work environment ...[more]

Feng Shui Wealth

Wealth is more than just Money, it is about Abundance of opportunities and you grasping them. It is about allowing changes into your life and letting go of Fear.

Living Abundance instead of living Lack! ...[more]

Feng Shui Colours

Colours and textures correspond to some of the elements and are best implemented in the Bagua (magic square grid) areas of your home. Prefer white and off-white wall colours then add a touch of colour in your décor - with tiles, carpets, cushions, textures etc) for tasteful Feng Shui designs... [more]

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