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NEW - Mentoring Program!
Personal Development & Business Development

Over the years, Roseline has met many in search of a Master to guide them on this life path. Look no more, "when the student is ready the master appears"... you just have found yours!

NEW - Mentoring Program

ONLINE through Skype* - UNIQUE and PERSONALISED Mentoring program that suits your needs is now available WORLDWIDE! Spend a total of 6.5 hours (= 1 MODULE) online and learn what you have always wanted to learn. Roseline Deleu teaches you what you really want to know in regards to ESOTERIC and METAPHYSICAL topics. Invest AUD$695 p.p. per module of 6.5 hours that you use in one day or in various hours over a period of maximum 2 months.

One day training or 6.5 hour Module ONLINE AUD$695

Train with a unique international Master!

Business Development

With Roseline's many skills, her years of international corporate and business experience, she has accrued a dynamic and successful career both in Australia and overseas.

Train and learn with her!

Subjects covered could include:

Grow & Develop your Business

  • Discussion and analysis of your new/existing business
  • Build up your strategies, expand & market your plans
  • Create new rewarding projects, planning & budgeting with common sense
  • Incorporate new technologies and innovative ideas, use internet effectively
  • Cruise along profitably, grow to the next level

Roseline is a bestselling author, with 3 books on the market sold internationally. Her book "Your first easy Steps to Feng Shui" has been translated (so far) in French, Slovak, Spanish and Hungarian.

Book Publishing

  • Become a successful author
  • Publish your ways to success
  • Why and How to write the book you always wanted
  • Self publish or go through a publisher - your choice
  • The keys to present and edit your book, basic rules to follow
  • Your graphic design approach
  • Book covers and testimonials

Roseline's website offers information today in 7 languages. People are emotionally linked with their main language and appreciate this special attention.

Translating Services

  • Your website - your work - your book - your courses etc. need translation?
  • Translations from English into French
  • Translations from French into English
  • Pricing & quotes on request.

Roseline has two active YouTube channels - time for you to have yours!?

YouTube, create your own Video clips for information and promotion

  • Prepare your tools to create your first clip
  • Improve your scenario
  • Create your logo, add your own theme song
  • Put all these elements together and enjoy your first clip! Ready to be added onto your website

Personal Development

Roseline's Personal Development Courses and Coaching can assist you in appropriately responding to challenging and traumatic life events, developing your intuition and healing powers and realising your true potential.

Learn Psychic Counselling & Readings

Roseline also uses her 'gateway pictures' to write her monthly predictions. Her intuitive and insightful designs have inspired and helped many clients.

Now is your time to learn how to use her set of designs; HD pictures on a CD are provided with the course as well as her E-book with some explanations - those products are only available for her students following this one day course.

  • Learn to guide others with the support of 500 designs created by Roseline
  • Psychic counselling how to inspire and encourage others
  • Words to use, words to avoid
  • How to gain clear messages
  • Find your rhythm and get into a balanced life for more inspiration


  • Discover and strengthen your psychic abilities
  • Develop your intuition
  • Learn to visualise
  • Improve Manifesting
  • Detect and interpret Omens

Helping you, helping others

  • People's characteristics
  • The Power of Observing
  • What is pressing your triggers
  • How to learn through others
  • Forgiveness is the key
  • Moving on smoothly in life


Learn the ancient techniques of hands-on healing with Roseline who has been practising this method for two decades.

  • Reiki 1
  • Reiki 2
  • Reiki Master level (price on demand)


  • Flower Essences
  • Dowsing and Pendulum
  • Aura and Chakra balancing
  • The 5 elements theory link with your health

Passing Away in Peace, with Respect

Over the years, I have helped many families who were dealing with sorrow and 'departing ones'. Being present with them is offering them the ultimate gift.

  • How to deal with 'departing ones' when they are unconscious?
  • Let them go
  • Cope with the grief, move forward, the next life chapter
  • Connect or disconnect with the departed ones?
  • Life after Death, other dimensions

Sharp intuition combined with my business background has guided me tremendously well over the years in becoming one of Australia's foremost Feng Shui Masters. I would be honoured to take the opportunity of inspiring you in your growth.

Days of teaching are from 9.00AM to 4.00PM

Book NOW - Call Roseline Deleu on 0412 717 454 - or email by clicking HERE
Training is Tax Deductible (conditions apply)
Investment: AUD$695 p.p. per day; AUD$1195 for 2

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