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What People Say...

"Many thanks for the reading, it was very accurate with what is happening in my life at present. Your suggestions gave me a real boost of energy". - E.R. (USA)

"Thank you so much Roseline!... You are such a lovely soul to have met and a delight to talk to! Thank you for sharing your insight and reassuring both myself & my husband that we have a lot to look forward to! Many blessings to you". - A.K. (Australia)

"Thank you Roseline, I really enjoyed today's readings, I received a lot of information to help me know myself and to move the limitations further into the background. Stay happy!" - P.P. (Australia)

"Thank you, I really needed this today. I had been feeling stuck and a little lost and directionless. Thank you for all that you do and your support and please keep up the good work". - B.N. (France)

"Thank you so much for the reading today - it was a beautiful experience". - G.P. (USA)


Book your personal Session and together let's decipher your challenges and find suggestions to help you move forward in life.
"45 minutes Sessions" Phone or Skype*, 45 minutes, AUD$88
"1.5 hour Sessions" Phone or Skype*, 90 minutes, AUD$135
"One Day personal Coaching", 1 day 6.5 hours, AUD$695


It is notorious that people trust professional guidance and follow it (rather than asking family or friends for advice). Why? Simply because the professional remains 'non-judgemental'! Clients appreciate clear views followed by an exchange of energy, in this case the fee paid for the session.

Are you looking for answers?
You would like to change and don't know how or what.
You are keen to know how you can step into the next part of your life. Find your life path, a new venture, start a relationship, meet someone?

With my readings let's see where and why you are a little stuck today.
Let's undo your emotional knots and self doubts.
Start your new life NOW.

I always personalise your session and combine counselling, life coaching and psychic reading. The counselling deals with past and present issues, the coaching helps you look into the future and plan it wisely as well as living your present moment to its fullest!

Options available on the phone or through Skype:

"45 minutes Session" Phone or Skype*, 45 minutes, AUD$88
"1.5 hour Session" Phone or Skype*, 90 minutes, AUD$135
"Just one Question", Phone or Skype*, 10 minutes, AUD$22
"Become a Psychic Reader" 1 module - incl. my 600 designs 6.5 hours, AUD$695

Purchase for you or as gift voucher for one of your friends.
Payments are valid for 30 days.
Securely pay through PayPal, then get in touch by email to fix date & time.

BECOME a unique PSYCHIC READER with Roseline Deleu

Roseline has developed an AMAZING tool with her 800 designs that are truly talking to people.

Learn how to read them and translate the messages to help people see where they are in their life right now. Inspire and guide them with wise suggestions, common sense and compassionate possibilities!

Roseline has used her tool for many years and now shares her wisdom and designs. Her new practitioners are confident after this ONE day training (from 9 am till 4 pm) and start booking their clients immediately!

You too can make this happen! This course is available WORLDWIDE through SKYPE* it can sometimes in person (depends on your location). Call 0412 717 454 or or EMAIL Roseline.

AUD$695 per person per day

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