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* Monthly Predictions
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About Roseline

Feng Shui What People Say...

"I really enjoy your monthly intuitive predictions. Each month I print the image out and place it between my keyboard and monitor at work. I also change my desktop backdrop and other bits and pieces on my desk to match the monthly colour theme. The change gives me a buzz and I notice the effect different colours have on me". - A.J. (Australia)

"Honestly, I am still full of energy ! I really get a boost everyday from changing a tiny thing in my daily pattern, as you suggested - I am so grateful! Thank you Roseline, also for helping me to look with more human/loving eyes to the world. I look forward to meeting you soon again to tell you my latest great experiences in life since you came by". - G.H. (Belgium)

"Roseline, everything you told me yesterday made sense and I really want to clear my house and myself with White Sage as I feel and hear odd noises in my house many times Plus after my time with my ex wife I feel I should do it to myself as well. So I went and bought Sage today and did the ritual that you suggested. I feel so relaxed and at peace now. You are a God send, Thank You, Thank You, Thank You". - F.A. (Spain)

"Thank you Roseline, your predictions are spot on with where my life is at present and I resonate completely with all you say. De-dramatising and observing as old relationship gunk comes up is priceless advice right now and one I'm definitely going to practise more! Good to hear you are once again on Aboriginal land. Looking forward to hearing more of the blessings and wisdom that are channelled to you". - L.V. (U.K.)

"Thank you your predictions sounds like they are written for me - most of that is happening right now. Wow you are an inspiring woman- you are living your path aren't you!! Fantastic!". - W.N. (Australia)

"Thank you so much Roseline for your Monthly Predictions (which I absolutely love!) AND for your energy and essence. I feel inspired with loving gentle encouragement when I connect to you via the computer. Much gratitude for you beautiful soul! Will be in contact soon for some guidance". - J.M. (Australia)

"Roseline is passionate and highly intuitive in her application of the art of Feng Shui. Over time Roseline's skills have become integrative of healing artwork and encompass a deep knowledge of the natural cycles and how individuals may best position themselves to live in inner and outer harmony and beauty. Roseline is an excellent at incorporating her extensive knowledge through counselling, teaching and facilitating individual or group consultations. I would highly recommend Roseline as a competent and experienced practitioner". - W.N. (Australia)

Michele Walters, B. Arts Honours - Holistic Healer at Owlchemy Pty Ltd www.owlchemy.com.au
Service Category: Feng Shui Master and Teacher - Year first hired: 2005 (hired more than once)
Top Qualities: Expert, High Integrity, Creative


The Solomon Islands
2016 Roseline participates to an important Building project in the Solomon Islands putting Feng Shui, local culture, health and well-being as well as cost effective constructions into perspective.

Australian Aboriginal

In 2015 Roseline was in the Red Centre of Australia and pursued her researches on Environmental Health. Roseline being a Unique Master, she delves into ancient cultures and implements Aboriginal Wisdom in her Feng Shui. During 2015, Roseline visited New Caledonia, Vanuatu and Papua New Guinea (PNG), Belgium, Netherlands and Germany. Her life is always a great adventure and she is always ready to travel worldwide to share her wisdom and knowledge. 2014, Roseline spent quality research and study time in remote communities in the central desert (NT, Australia). In 2013, Roseline pursued her research on Feng Shui and Sacred Unseen with Kuku Yalanji Elders in FNQ.

Roseline Deleu is one of Australia's Top Feng Shui Masters, best selling Author and inspirational speaker following and adapting the teachings of the Form School and the Black Hat Tibetan Buddhist School. She is a highly energised and health oriented person with experience in several areas of energy balancing.

Roseline Deleu is one of only a handful of Feng Shui Masters living in Australia and practising worldwide.

Roseline is a citizen of the world - she speaks 4 languages and has travelled the globe conducting various training and coaching courses for students from all walks of life, all ages and all looking for something more from life. Regardless of the location of the nationality or the reason they were there, all students came away from the training courses invigorated with a fresh perspective on life, ready to receive the benefits that flow from becoming more in tune with their life.

Feng Shui has been Roseline's passion for the past two decades and continues to be. What she shares, coaches, and trains with her students is what she lives, on a daily basis: observing and managing thinking patterns and energy flows. Roseline explains in her courses how our thoughts, feelings, health, well being and successes are influenced by our surroundings, the buildings we occupy, shapes, colours, textures, movement, people, memories, décor and much more. Today, Roseline Deleu can help you become the person you are really longing to be; enjoying your present, dealing with your past and moving forward into a balanced, happy and healthy life.

Roseline was honoured to be invited and initiated by Kuku Yalanji Elders who are traditional Owners of the Land in the Cairns Queensland region. Each year, Roseline seeks to spend some time with these First Nation Australians as she finds this a sustaining and renewing environment and uses this as an important part of her training. Her time in this place contributes to her ever growing knowledge and wisdom, studying more about Nature, the natural elements and the Unseen. This is a special time for Roseline where she is able to gather inspiration and resources and creates new projects and channels powerful Feng Shui activators.

Roseline Deleu travels extensively to lecture, teach and train on Feng Shui, Dowsing, Geomancy, Metaphysics, Intuition, Personal Development, Healing, Helping You Helping Others, Manifesting, Shifting Attitude. She is fluent in English, French, Dutch and German.

Roseline has trained practitioners in Australia, New Zealand, Belgium, Switzerland, France, Slovakia, Slovenia, Dubai, England and Spain - many of whom have gone on and shared their knowledge in their own teaching consultancies. Roseline is currently looking at expanding her horizons and developing opportunities in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Pakistan, Canada, Haiti, Guadeloupe, Martinique, New Caledonia, Peru and more countries of South America, Germany, Italy and Africa.

Contact her to find out how Roseline and exposure to the simplicity of Feng Shui might be of benefit in your life.


  • Is something not right in your world?
  • Do you want to do something about it?
  • Are you confused about where to start?
  • Are you looking for are real world answers to real world questions?
  • Do you want to make some changes in your life or surroundings to attract luck or love or health or peace?

Whatever your question and need, chances are Roseline Deleu can help you achieve it!!

Roseline is a seasoned professional and academic, and is well placed to reach across all levels of need. Equally she is a clear and concise communicator who is comfortable working with Builders, Architects or Home DIY's in search of effective Feng Shui principles to integrate into their project. Roseline is an active consultant to tenants, property owners, business owners and developers. These people recognise the value of having a Feng Shui Master cast an eye over their homes and plans and it's amazing some of the minor but important, and in some cases life changing, alterations her engagement brings.

Roseline's common sense, dowsing, understanding of surroundings, Chi flow, furniture placement, wall location and layouts, intuition, colour vibrations and tasteful décor skills are well received and respected by many builders architects, landscape artists and other clients.

Part of Roseline's unique approach to Feng Shui is her active avoidance of using traditional Chinese symbols unless it's absolutely necessary. She prefers to use her client's belongings, tasteful decor and meaningful symbolism. The process starts with defining the client's wishes and needs. As soon as the correct placement is achieved - often during the consultation - important changes including shifts in consciousness can start to happen. Are you ready for that?

This unique and practical approach to Feng Shui makes Roseline an ideal partner for anyone looking to introduce Feng Shui into their project. She has consulted on urban developments, new projects, existing houses, farms, businesses, industries, clinics, schools, health retreats, hospitality, new buildings and home renovations. She works in synergy with architects to bring their client's wishes to reality incorporating tasteful solutions to harmonise them with Feng Shui principles.

Contact her to book your Feng Shui Consultation, Make-Over, to discuss your projects.


Feng Shui Europe Tour
*in 2017 or 2018
Click HERE for more info

A born teacher, Roseline Deleu has been a regular lecturer in Interior Designers and Decorators course at Canberra Institute of Technology for many years.
Developing Feng Shui evening courses as soon as she migrated to Australia contributed to her successful international Feng Shui career.
Roseline Deleu is a caring and engaging lecturer to her students who are looking to grow their own understanding of the world that Feng Shui mastery unlocks.

Contact her to teach or lecture in your University, College and School.


As a trained teacher and an accomplished businesswoman, Roseline Deleu is well placed to offer a 'Corporate Training Package'. In this package, Roseline works with her students to increase their level of personal and team motivation. She incorporates her 20 years' experience of working for international companies as Director of Logistics & Operations and blends her motivational lectures with fun, common sense and an easy to understand Feng Shui approach for a work environment. To sustain the interest of the staff, Roseline incorporates some hints and tips for each individual's lives.

  • Solomon Islands, Honiara June 2016 - Appropriate Modern Home Designs culturally appropriate for South Pacific
  • Solomon Islands, Honiara May 2016 - Feng Shui Personalities and Team Building
  • Solomon Islands, Honiara April 2016 - The importance of Building Sites
  • Remote Aboriginal Communities 2014 and 2015 - Impact of Housing on Health
  • Coaching, Gold Coast Sep 2013 - Linking Psychic Development with Business
  • Logistics & Business, Bundaberg QLD Dec 2012 - Training & Assessment
  • Short presentation at a Breakfast group, Canberra
  • Runaway Bay View Club - Voice, Interests & Education of Women, Apr 12, Guest Speaker
  • Gold Coast, Women's Group, Broadbeach (Life Line Buildling) Sep 10, Guest Speaker
  • Probus, Brisbane (QLD) Sep 09, Guest Speaker
  • Coomera Chamber of Commerce, Gold Coast (QLD) July 08, Guest Speaker
  • Chamber of Women in Business, Canberra (ACT) Aug 04, Guest Speaker
  • Prime Minister Office, Canberra (ACT) 2004, Staff Training
  • Comcare Australia, Canberra (ACT), 2004, Staff Training
  • National Sound & Screen Archives, Canberra (ACT), 2004, Staff Training

Contact her to organise a Corporate Training and Lecture for your staff.


Radio Interviews:
  • May 2016 - Solomon Islands - SIBC - with Jessie T. from SIHFL "Affordable Housing, first national Market Survey by private company"
  • 17 Dec 2012 6DBY - Australia wide with Tina Higgins - "Manifest Your Dreams!" (new window)
  • 6DBY - Derby (WA, Australia) with Tina Higgins - "The 3 Words that changed my Life" (new window)
  • 6DBY - Derby (WA, Australia) with Tina Higgins - "Healthy Children and Teenagers" (new window)
  • Interviewed by Lori Mitchell on her worldwide Speedmanifesting Radio show - "About Riches and Feng Shui sans Compass" (new window)
  • 6DBY - Derby (WA, Australia) with Tina Higgins - "How can Feng Shui change your Life"
  • ABC Radio with Louise Maher
  • Canberra 106.3 with Angie
  • Gympie with Mark Piepers
  • Bowen local radio station
  • Various community stations

Roseline Deleu was interviewed regularly by Louise Maher of ABC Radio on the subject of Feng Shui and on the yearly Australian Feng Shui conference.


  • P & O Pacific Aria Cruise A648N - ex Brisbane to New Zealand - 14-28 November 2016
  • Solomon Islands - Honiara - several presentations on Culturally Appropriate Home Designs - April-Jun 2016
  • Belgium - "Aboriginal Wisdom for our Modern World today" - September 2015 @ Aboriginal Signature Gallery in Brussels
  • P & O Pacific Dawn Cruise P544 - (PNG) Papua New Guinea - March 2015
  • P & O Pacific Pearl Cruise P501 - New Caledonia, Vanuatu - December 2014 - January 2015
  • P & O Pacific Pearl Lifestyle Cruise - Australia - February 2014
  • P & O Pacific Dawn Cruise W336 - New Caledonia, Vanuatu - September 2013
  • Europe Tour - France, Belgium - July & August 2013
  • P & O Pacific Pearl Cruise - New Caledonia, Vanuatu, Fiji, Nov 2012
    - "The 3 Words that changed my Life"
    - "What does your Home reveal about you?"
    - "Your Body is talking, are you listening?"
    - "Feng Shui for Money"
    - "Manifest your Dreams"
  • U3A (University of the Third Age), Oct 2012
    - "Past lives, do they influence our health and our lives today?"
    - "The 3 Words that changed my Life"
    - "Your first easy Steps to Feng Shui"
    - "Decode the messages of your Body"
  • Connect Magazine expo in Palm Cove, FNQ, Sep 2012
  • Cosmic Rainbow, Aug 2012 - "Develop your Intuition"
  • Cosmic Rainbow, July 2012 - "The 3 Words that changed my Life"
  • Cosmic Rainbow, June 2012 - "Your Body is talking are you listening?"
  • Eurobodalla Adult Education NSW South Coast, June 2012 "Feng Shui"
  • Coomera Spiritual Church, June 2012 - Intuitive Readings
  • Wynnum Markets, May 2012 - "What does your Home reveal about you?"
  • Wynnum Markets, May 2012 - "The 3 Words that changed my Life"
  • Cosmic Rainbow, Canberra, Mar 2012 - Guest Speaker "BYO plans and let's look at your Home"
  • Women's Circle, Ballina, Nov 2011 - Guest Speaker "Unseen Dimensions"
  • My Gem, Gold Coast, Oct 2011 - Guest Speaker "Connecting with other Realms"
  • Gold Cost Women's Group - Develop Psychic Awareness - Life Line Building Oct 2011, Guest Speaker
  • My Gem, Gold Coast, Sep 2011 - Guest Speaker "What does your Home reveal about you?"
  • Red Tent event with Mina Hunt, Gold Coast, Sep 2011 - Guest Speaker on the Energies of the Spring Equinox
  • CIT (Canberra Institute of Technology), Canberra, August 2011, Lecturer on Feng Shui & Psychic Development
  • TV Pilot Program with Mark Piepers, Gympie, April 2011, Presenter
  • Gold Cost Women's Group - Guidance to Heal yourself and shifting Attitude - Life Line Building April 2011, Guest Speaker
  • Cosmic Rainbow, Canberra Dec 10, Guest Speaker
  • Essens, Centre of Wellbeing and Expansion of Consciousness, Ternat BELGIUM August 2010, Guest Speaker
  • June - September, European Tour 2010 - Belgium, France, Switzerland
  • Tehmina Qreshi, DUBAI, May 2010, Guest Speaker
  • Cosmic Rainbow - Lecture with Dr Andrew Morris (Kingston, ACT) on "Common Sense to your Ultimate Health-It is your Choice" December 2009
  • Essens, Centre of Wellbeing and Expansion of Consciousness, Ternat BELGIUM September 2009
  • Linking Hands, Brighton UK July 2009
  • Creado, St Truiden BELGIUM June 2009
  • May - September European Tour 2009 - Belgium, France, U.K., Slovenia, Germany
  • International Women's Day, Boorowa, March 2009
  • Living Consciously, Gympie, January 2009
  • Top Shelf Enterprises "Enhance your Image" expo, Surfers Paradise, November 2008
  • Just Being Event, Nerang, October 2009
  • 7th Australian Feng Shui Conference, Gold Coast (QLD) Oct 08, Host, MC, Speaker and Organiser for 6 other international Guest Speakers
  • Natural Spirit Wisdom Seminar, Sydney (NSW) Aug 08, Guest Speaker
  • Natural Spirit Wisdom Seminar, Brisbane (QLD) Aug 08, Guest Speaker
  • Wisdom & Healing Expo, Eagle Heights (QLD) June 08, Guest Speaker
  • White Light Expo, Gold Coast (QLD) May 08, Guest Speaker
  • Awareness Seminar, Gold Coast (QLD) Mar 08, Guest Speaker
  • The Whole Woman Festival, (North NSW) Mar 08, Guest Speaker
  • Health Happiness and Soul, Broadbeach (Qld) Jan 08, Guest Speaker
  • Awareness Seminar, Beenleigh (Qld) Nov 07, Guest Speaker
  • Awareness Seminar, Sunnybank (Qld) Oct 07, Guest Speaker
  • Feng Shui Annual Conference, Southport Gold Coast (Qld) Oct 07, Host, MC and Speaker
  • Family Harmony Seminar, Nerang (Qld) Jul 07, Guest Speaker
  • Health, Wealth & Harmony Evening Show, Broadwater (Qld) Apr 07, Guest Speaker
  • Seymour Alternative Farming Expo (Vic), February 2007, Speaker
  • Kick Start 2007 Conference Brisbane Jan 2007, Guest Speaker and Organiser
  • Natural Spirit Wisdom Conference Brisbane Nov 2006, Guest Speaker
  • Feng Shui Conference Canberra, October 2006, Organiser and Speaker
  • Health & Harmony Guide Festival Gold Coast, August 2006, Guest Speaker
  • Insight Magazine Spirit Night Brisbane, August 2006, Guest Speaker
  • Eco Show Sydney, June 2006, Guest Speaker
  • What Women Want Gold Coast, May 2006, Guest Speaker
  • Mind Body & Soul Brisbane, April 2006, Guest Speaker
  • Insight Magazine Spirit Tour (QLD, NSW), February 2006, Guest Speaker
  • Health & Harmony Guide Gold Coast, September 2005, Main Guest Speaker
  • Feng Shui Conference Canberra, September 2005, Organiser & Speaker
  • Mind Body Spirit Festival Melbourne, June 2005, Honoured Guest Speaker
  • Mind Body Spirit Festival Brisbane, May 2005, Honoured Guest Speaker
  • Mind Body Spirit Festival Sydney, April 2005, Honoured Guest Speaker
  • Health & Harmony, February 2005, Guest Speaker


Roseline Deleu is the best selling author of 3 books on Feng Shui. Some of her titles have been translated in various languages - click here for full details.

Roseline was hosting for 7 years the Annual Click Australian FENG SHUI Conference. Roseline invited national and international guest speakers, all talking on Feng Shui and related topics. In 2004, HE Mr. Luk Darras, Ambassador of Belgium, paid tribute to the event with his speech when he shared his views on the importance and respect of the "Subtle Energies" and his understanding of our "Connection with Nature".


  • Courses & Training ON LINE
  • Courses & Training ON DEMAND
  • Courses & Training Planning - updated regularly
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  • Europe Feng Shui Adventure - DATES ON DEMAND - Visit some countries of Europe with Feng Shui & Metaphysical Insights
    Click HERE to access page with more details or click HERE to email
  • Kuku Yalanji Dreaming Trails - www.yindilli.com - Cultural & Spiritual Journey - Overnight Stay, Vision Quest with Aboriginal Elder CJ Fisher - dates are determined when you book
    Click HERE to access page with more details and HERE to read a new article


  • NEW - E-Book ONLY -'Your First Easy Steps to Feng Shui' - 4th Edition - by Roseline Deleu. Now available for your laptops, phones, I-pads and other tablets by clicking HERE.
  • 'CARTOON GUIDE - Easy Steps to Feng Shui' - by Roseline Deleu, illustrations by SoozieM
  • 'Feng Shui Steps for your Career' - by Roseline Deleu & Jutta Clark
More of Roseline's books and new projects are in the making and will soon see the light! Keep an eye on your emails or register your interest to join the Roseline Deleu email list. JOIN HERE.


  • Feng Shui Acoustics - Space Clearing Music CD, composer Jaroslav Kovaricek - Unique and amazing tool for clearing energies!
    This music CD is supported and highly recommended by Roseline Deleu


Solomon Islands Business Magazine
Contributor for the monthly Business Magazine in the Solomon Islands since May 2016
  • July 16 - TBA
  • June 16 - Study & Office Layout for Success
  • May 16 - The Focal Point, Your Marketing Tool
Connect Magazine
Contributor for the monthly "Connect" Magazine (Tropical North QLD) since 2008, now bi-monthly glossy Cover and colour magazine since 2016
  • Aug-Sep 16 - TBA
  • June-July 16 - Focal Point, Feng Shui from a Marketing point of view
  • April-May 16 - Feature article : Bilum Stories; Regular Feng Shui Column: Television Power
  • February 16 - Have a look outside
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The Owner Builder Magazine:
The Australian Home Builders Magazine available from your local newsagents or through subscription. See www.theownerbuilder.com.au
  • Issue 139 Feb/Mar 2007 - "Create a Well Balanced Environment" Colours play an important role in Feng Shui by Roseline Deleu
  • Issue 138 Dec/Jan 2007 - "Minimising Cracked Concrete" - Use the ancient technique of dowsing in a practical way by Roseline Deleu
  • Issue 137 Oct/Nov 2006 - "Is your Money flowing down the Drain?" - Renovate your bathroom applying easy feng shui principles
INSIGHT Magazine:
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  • Insight - Sep 06 'Spring Cleaning with Feng Shui' (Feature article opening the pull out section) by Roseline Deleu
  • Insight - Sep 06 'Feng Shui for Children & Teens' (Feng Shui Column) by Roseline Deleu
  • Insight - Sep 06 'Space Clearing - Positive Energy for your Home' (Feature article in the pull out section) by Susan O'Sullivan - Feng Shui practitioner who studied with Roseline Deleu
  • Insight - Aug 06 'Create your Feng Shui Collage' (Feng Shui Column) by Roseline Deleu
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FENG SHUI Magazine:
This Australian magazine has not been published for the past two years but some copies are still available through special order at your local news agency or through Australian Publishing Pty Ltd (02) 9805 0399.
  • Easy Feng Shui for Daily Living 'For Art's Sake' interview of Roseline Deleu
  • Easy Feng Shui Decorating Guide 'Simply Yet Stunning' - feature article by Roseline Deleu
  • Easy Feng Shui Decorating Guide 'Bathroom' - Room-by-room guide by Roseline Deleu


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  • Jan 2015 - Stiff up those Resolutions!
  • Dec 2014 - Lack of Feng Shui in Qantas uniforms?
  • Sep 2014 - Feng Shui Identification
  • Jan 2014 - Power of a Place
  • Dec 2013 - Psychic Signs
  • Sep 2013 - Feng Shui Moving House Check List
  • May 2013 - Your Material Possessions
  • Mar 2013 - Choose your Bicycle
  • Dec 2012 - Light on what is hidden
  • Nov 2012 - A Touch of Romance
  • Oct 2012 - First Impression
  • Sep 2012 - Your First easy Steps to Feng Shui

    Unfortunately due to the sudden death of Ms Joan Jensen, Director and Editor of Spirit Calling Online, this magazine has been suspended. May she rest in Love and Peace.

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  • Renaissance (South Africa) - Nov 08 - "Desire or Fear" by Roseline Deleu
  • Universaly Rio (Brazil) - "Emptiness" by Roseline Deleu


Signature Living - NT - Darwin
Sep 2010 - Write up about Feng Shui & Roseline Deleu
  • "Have a Positive Influence"
  • "Feng Shui Tips for Front door, Lounge Room, Kitchen, Bathroom and Bedroom"
  • Dec 09 - "Can Someone's Clutter turn into Someone else's Treasure?"
  • August 2008 - Ezyne - "Your Surroundings - Your Reality" by Roseline Deleu
  • October 2006 - Issue 25 - "Your Surroundings-Your Reality" by Roseline Deleu
Gold Coast (QLD, Australia)
  • Week-end Magazine 'Paradise' - Amazing Homes: 'Answers Blowing in the Wind' interview of Roseline Deleu by Matthew Killoran 22 Nov 08
  • 'Top Feng Shui Tips' by Roseline Deleu, 7 Oct 08
The SUN:
Gold Coast (QLD, Australia)
  • 'Master of Good Energy' interview of Roseline Deleu by Melissa Thowsend 26 Mar 08
The Indian Sub-Continent Times:
This newspaper is available in Sydney or through www.theistimes.com.

Roseline Deleu has been invited to join the journalists of this international newspaper since 2005. Discover her full page article on Feng Shui in each issue.

Other newspapers:
  • Sun Herald Sydney - April 2006 - Chi Whiz by Hanna Edwards where the journalist interviews Roseline on a great home make over and renovations in Canberra
  • City News - 2004 - Interviewed Roseline Deleu on her Feng Shui approach
  • Western Australian - Nov 02 - Roseline was interviewed on the Energies of Canberra from the Feng Shui point of view - by Melissa Stevens


  • Gold Coast Libraries "Adult Learner's Week", Sep 08 - Feng Shui with Author and Master Roseline Deleu
  • Gold Coast Libraries "Celebrating Harmony", Mar-Apr 08 - Feng Shui lecture for readers by Roseline Deleu

"Roseline, I don't see you as doing Feng Shui but rather as BEING Feng Shui."
Douglas Peacock - BMS Fusion

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